Moms tend to be incredibly humble. When we’re kids, they can juggle work, take care of us, and keep the house in tip-top shape without breaking much of a sweat. They make it seem like it’s no big deal and anyone can do it. The same logic usually applies to any talents or skills they might have—moms tend to not make a big deal out of them.

However, skillful moms should know how great they are. That’s what Imgur user Louloucacapoo believed in when he posted his mom’s wholesome and heartwarming photos on the website. His goal was to prove to his mom that her photography skills are great! What followed was an outpouring of praise for the pictures of Boulette the raccoon.

An Imgur user shared his mom’s wholesome photos of their raccoon Boulette

In case you were wondering, boulette is the French word for pellet. Yes, it is a cute name. And apt, too. Especially for a tiny raccoon who lost her mommy. The pictures of the cute raccoon posing together with 5 doggos and the Imgurian’s grandmother went viral and made a lot of people smile.

The raccoon seems to have a great relationship with its owners’ dogs

As it turns out, people do keep raccoons as pets. Of course, as with any animal, there are pros and cons to keep in mind.

Kat Tretina on Wide Open Pets suggests finding out if keeping raccoons as pets is legal where you live before you run off into the forest to catch your own raccoon buddy. If you’re living in the United States, you ought to keep in mind that some city laws prohibit keeping them as pets, even if state laws allow it! So check, double-check, and check a third time. We wouldn’t want any of you Pandas to get arrested for harboring raccoons illegally now, would we?

Boulette is very friendly

Raccoons that are bred and raised in a home with people to look after it bond more easily and quickly adjust to life as pets, compared to their wild brethren. These animals are surprisingly loving, love snuggles, and can get very attached to their hoomans. However, in some rare cases, affectionate itty-bitty raccoons can grow up to be mean and vindictive.

Despite all of this, raccoons are very independent! If your raccoon needs its space, give it some space. Just like in any loving relationship, your raccoon also requires some personal alone time to reflect on its life, goals, and ambitions. Because raccoons are so energetic, they usually need an entire room to themselves, full of toys, and places to climb.

Here’s a photo of the Imgurian’s grandma, 5 doggos, and Boulette the raccoon

For those of you who are curious Pandas, I’ll let you in on a small secret: raccoons are a bit like dogs. They mainly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented with fish or chicken or some high-quality dog food. Oh yeah, and you can train them to use the litterbox. They can also learn their name and other commands. But! Because they’re independent, they can choose when and how to follow some of your commands. And they can even hold grudges. My best guess is that the Sorting Hat would put the majority of raccoons into sneaky Slytherin. But what do you think?

People really enjoyed the photos of the raccoon