Good friends are really hard to find, especially when you’re an adult. And even more so, if you suffer from social anxiety. Every interaction can appear like a daunting task when you believe that everyone around you is judging you and don’t want you to be around. Some of us have experienced it first hand, some – know it because they’re friends with socially anxious people. This person on Tumblr shared a heartwarming and wholesome story about one socially anxious girl who had trouble speaking up in the classroom. Luckily, she had a wonderful friend that always had her back.

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This person shared a heartwarming story about one awesome friend

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The story quickly went viral, amassing almost half a million notes on Tumblr. “This is so cute, imagine having friends like this,” someone commented. “Thank you for the great story and golden lessons,” someone added. Scroll down below and read the story for yourself to have your heart melted.

The story has spread to Twitter and here’s how people reacted

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