When I adopted Coala, I’d just had a difficult miscarriage and quit my design job. Caring for him was my way of coping. He’d been badly abused and was afraid to even bark. I thought, maybe if I find him a sibling he might feel more at home?

Two months later, in came Cawaii. She trotted into our lives full of confidence and joy. Although half his size, her tiny barks eventually taught Coala how to finally speak. She was exactly what we were missing.

Their playfulness and unconditional love inspired me to design again. But this time, I wanted to create something meaningful and eco-conscious. Coala and Cawaii were right by my side through each step of the process. From my late night sewing sessions to designing graphics on our favorite couch.

When time came to photograph our products, Coala and Cawaii refused to take a back seat. Each time I tried to photograph a design, Cawaii would jump right into my shot. Soon after, Coala would follow along, each vying for my full attention. At first I would try to remove them from the shots. But as time went on, I saw how expressive their photos were and couldn’t help but keep them anyway.

Now I can’t imagine my life without my furry best friends. From our day to day activities to joining me at work, they’ve shown me how to truly do what I love and love what I do.

More info: wainushiao.com

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