Everything in the world is linked far more closely than some of us may realize. Sometimes, what you thought was a bowl of ramen noodles is actually Justin Timberlake's hair from his N'Sync days. This list will show you just how many strange and funny look-alikes there are out there.

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Vote for your favorite images and, if you think there are any other great look-alikes there that we've missed, submit them to this list. They don't just have to be people - as long as they're weird and funny!

#4 This Candy Looks Like This Man's Head

This Candy Looks Like This Man's Head

imgur Report

ZivFikler 3 years ago

hilarious. fiy, it's called a Krembo. :-)

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#9 Real Life Cartman

Real Life Cartman

Ikmeg Report

MartijnDerese 3 years ago

we should respect his authoritah

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#11 Yellow Dress And Caterpillar

Yellow Dress And Caterpillar


KimGuereschi 3 years ago

I can never not see that!

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#15 This Girl Looks Like This Doll

This Girl Looks Like This Doll

Kung Naja Report

JosieWiklund 3 years ago

Ahh a real life cabbage patch doll.. so adorable

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#16 Who Wore It Better?

Who Wore It Better?

reddit Report

KristinEvans 3 years ago

breaks my heart a little that they did't flip the phone upside down first

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#17 Towel Dog

Towel Dog

cuteoverload.com Report

MinetteThun 3 years ago

I love Shar pei dogs!

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#20 Feather Duster Fashion

Feather Duster Fashion


AnnathespannaBlue 3 years ago


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#24 Three Similar Bags

Three Similar Bags


JenniferChezem 3 years ago

Hahaha the guy at the end. Lol

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