Have you ever wondered what it’s like to wear glasses? What the world looks like when you take them off?

I have terrible eyesight, and people who don’t wear glasses always ask to try mine on. I realised quite early on that what they see through my glasses with perfect sight, bears no resemblance at all to what I see when I don’t have my glasses on.

Over the years I have had fights with everyone from parents of friends at childhood sleepovers to well-meaning lovers who move my glasses from the bedside table “to keep them safe”, not realising they are condemning me to a period of panic when I wake up and they aren’t where I left them, and I can’t see well enough to find them without help.

Explaining often makes me sound overly dramatic – after all, I’m not blind, right?

And so Short Sight was born.

I’m a branding photographer for small businesses, and my camera is usually with me, so photography seemed the most natural way to illustrate Short Sight.

As I often have downtime between shoots, and live near the coast, I spend a lot of my free time on the beach and by the sea, which you’ll see from the shots.

I’m shooting this series mostly with a 35mm lens to mimic our own field of view as closely as I can, and after shooting the in-focus shot, I manually adjust the focus ring so it is as close as possible to what I see without my glasses on.

The series is always growing, and so far I’ve included images from everyday life – from a view of the beach to my bookshelf & cats.

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Looking out over the water, without glasses

Looking out over the water, with glasses

Walking by the beach huts, without glasses

Walking by the beach huts, with glasses

Low tide, without glasses

Low tide, with glasses

On the beach, without glasses

On the beach, with glasses

Between beach huts, without glasses

Between beach huts, with glasses

Living room shelves, without glasses

Living room shelves, with glasses

Luna, without glasses

Luna, with glasses (she’s a cat, so obviously didn’t stay still between shots!)