Kate McCue is the first American woman (and fifth woman overall) to command a mega cruise ship. If you board a “Celebrity Edge,” the first thing you’re gonna hear from the speakers is “This is Captain Kate, but you can call me Captain because it took me 19 years to earn this title.” In other words, she’s the most badass captain out there, followed by 168k people on Instagram, bringing her Sphynx cat on every cruise.

So you can already imagine what happened when one sexist commenter asked captain Kate “How can you be a captain? Your only a woman [sic].” In a video on TikTok, she responded with the most epic comeback to the foolish question.

The TikTok has now been viewed 4.3 million times, with people praising Captain Kate’s humor and wit. Not only did she give the troll a quick grammar lesson, she was also kind enough to tell them she’s on hand for future literacy tips. Where do you find her? Oh, look for the captain’s chair.

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Captain Kate’s mix of glamour, humor, and wit has made her into a real social media influencer followed by a whopping audience of 308.7k on TikTok and 170k people on Instagram. Her captivating posts reveal what it’s like being a captain, something she has been doing for 13 years until she became the first American woman to captain a giant cruise vessel and took the helm of Celebrity Edge.

“One of the best things about the job is being able to travel and experience the world. My posts are kind of geared to that to show that there lots of opportunities in this job. And if you see it, you can be it,” she told The Telegraph.

When it comes to challenges Kate has had to face in this male-dominated industry, she said that it has evolved. “Back in the day, you had these tyrannical captains that you couldn’t speak to unless they spoke to you. Over the 20 years, I’ve seen the rounding of rough edges of these people. Or, if they couldn’t adapt, there was no place for them on board the ships.”

For many, living in a cruise bubble for three months straight out at sea would be too much of a challenge, but Kate wouldn’t like to do anything else. “I would never want to do a nine-to-five because going to sea every day is different. The people on board, the places you’re visiting, even the weather, no one day will be the same as the next.”

People couldn’t stop praising Captain Kate’s mic-drop video response to the sexist commenter

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