Barracuda Lake in Coron has drawn a horde of adventure travellers for its picturesque canyons underwater and crazy thermoclines which will amaze any snorkeler, freediver or scuba diver who are lucky enough to take a peak at what lies beneath.The water visibility stretches like forever and there is still much to be explored within the confines of Barracuda lake. Take a tour here…

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An Out-worldly adventure is within reach for every adventure seeker in Barracuda Lake located in Coron Palawan Philippines

Underwater trees echoes a different landscape from probably thousands of years ago

Endless surreal rock formations greet you as you move further into the belly of the lake

The lake takes you to another world, expect you to be bedazzled by it’s out-worldly charm

It takes approximately 143 steps to get into the lake where the short climb will reward you with a an adventure like no other

Heading deeper into the lake, a thermocline separates fresh cold water and warm salt water which creates an illusion you’re diving in a lake within a lake

watch your step, find you’re inner balance while exploring Barracuda lake