This photo collage of Austin is made from hundreds of photos shot throughout the city. As part of a series paying tribute to great cities around the world, this “Urban Mandala” mixes architecture, natural landscapes, public sculptures, graffiti, and more.

Can you spot the landmarks? The University of Texas, The Driskill, The Contemporary Austin, Umlauf Sculpture Garden.

What is a mandala? A mandala is defined as any circular pattern. One of my inspirations for this project came from Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandalas that act as a map of the cosmos and represent the impermanent nature of our existence. For my Urban Mandalas, pixels take the place of sand and symbolize the idea that everything is connected—all is one, and one is all. Each design is a microcosm of the actual city—a circular kaleidoscope of community in which, as Aristotle said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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Austin Urban Mandala



Where’s Willie (Nelson)?

See how it came together: