Plastic bottles, plastic bags, single-use dishes—this is what beaches look like at Turkey’s Aegean coast, where I stay all summer. And, of course, such beaches you can see all around the world. Unfortunately, humans do not realize or maybe do not care that all this trash sooner or later will get to the sea where it is poisoning marine life and killing coral reefs.

And also beaches often look like an ad campaign of the most polluting brands in plastic waste: Coca- Cola and Unilever. There are a lot of beach umbrellas with logos of these companies. But is it right to promote on the beach such irresponsible brands who do nothing to reduce the waste?

I want to promote the right thing when I go to the beach.

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I bought an umbrella without any print and decided to turn it into a protest banner

I used the rounded form of the umbrella to show two kinds of seas

The one which future generations will get if we stop this plastic madness

And another one if nothing changes

Here you can watch a short film about how and why I made it