Hello there, I’m Jess and I’m a newborn and baby photographer based in Worcester. I’m pretty used to photographing teeny, tiny bundles of joy but a few days ago my partner and I became foster parents to a…..puppy. An 8 week old collie puppy.

She is literately the smallest, cutest bundle of fluff I have ever laid eyes on so obviously you can imagine what my first thought was. Nope. Not to photograph her in ridiculous cute props and blankets but to give her a damn good wash! She came from a farm and she stank to high heaven (plus my partner rolled his eyes when I mentioned photographing the puppy in a ‘newborn’ style shoot…spoil sport!).

Eventually, I persuaded my other half and these were the images that came from our little newborn puppy shoot. For the record, puppies are a lot harder to soothe than newborn babies! My hands are covered in teeth marks!

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