This Sunday, more than half a million Romanians gathered in the main cities to protest against corruption and the pardon of convicted politicians. I’ve been out on the streets looking to document the types of people that attend. Where in the past years, protesters were aggressive, misunderstood and often gathered in groups prone to hijacking by manipulators and instigators, this week was different. People with good education, excellent manners and steady focus became the beautiful center of the country’s biggest gathering in all of its history. People came with tea, juice, water, food and shared with each other and with the police, gendarmerie and riot police. Absolutely no violence was recorded this Sunday at a time where Victory Square was packed full with more than 300.000 people, with others crowding squares in the rest of the country or abroad #Rezist

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Canon 5DsR + 17-40 F4

Elinchrom Skyport HS

Elinchrom ELB 400

Elinchrom Octabox 80 mm

A very patient assistant, Mr. Mihai Stescu.

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The ideal protester: Radu was just standing there, reading his book. At no point did he shout slogans, move or get involved with the crowd.

Some of the first protesters i met. The perfect light and stylish crowd just added to the scene, making this my favorite image so far.

A great deal of cyclists, some alone and some in groups. “As long as you’re not from Antena3 or RTV (propaganda TV stations), you’re welcome to photograph me”

Saturday was the Children’s March. More than 5000 kids of all ages spent the day playing in the usually closed-off square.

Romanians are some good looking people. I shot a few images of him and concluded that he was like Barney Stinson: no chance to get a bad image of him.

Cycling family in the perfect light.

Bloggers, film directors and other creatives joined in.

Theatre actors holding up the Victory sign at sunset.

People made dozens of liters of warm tea at home and carried it to the square, handing it out to cold protesters on days when the temperatures hovered around zero degrees.

We made a little coffee in the moka pot, in the back of my truck, having gotten cold and damp from the fog. My girlfriend got me some wonderful Juan Valdez coffee which got us going.

We shared the espresso with nearby police officers on duty who were just as cold as us.