Doesn’t matter if you are 40 or 14, you have definitely played Super Mario, Pac-Man, and Tetris at some point in your life. Maybe you’re still playing! Now you can stay in an Airbnb that celebrates retro gaming in the center of Athens, Greece.

I themed every room after a different game (Pacman, Pokemon, Space Invaders, Super Mario, and others) and dedicated one of them to all the classic board games (like Monopoly, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit, Guess Who, Taboo, Jenga, etc.), so this experience would be hard to forget.

A great option for nostalgic adult gamers or families with young kids.

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In the living room you can find the original PlayStation 1 and SNES and also the new HD mini versions of Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Mega Drive and Atari Flashback

Also a very cool old-style arcade cabinet with 1299 built-in classic arcade games and a GameBoy color!

Sit in the massage chair and enjoy more than 30 original PSX games

Waka Waka Waka: Pac-Man themed master bedroom

The Pokemon-themed room has triple bunk beds, a Nintendo 64 (Pikachu Edition)

A Pokeball wall, an Eeveelutions rug, and an awesome huge Snorlax bean bag!

A Space Invaders-themed single room

In this room, you can play your favorite classic board games from the 90s!

You can select between: Guess Who?, Twister, Battleship, Operation, Cluedo (Clue), Connect 4, Trivial Pursuit, Taboo, Jenga, Pictionary, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess and Uno

Even the kitchen has a theme, it’s Lego!

Huge Lego wall where guests can allow their creativity to flourish