Do you have a cute picture of yourself from a vacation that you’d love to boast about, but it’s ruined by a looming, negative presence with an arm around your waist? The great community of Twitter has you covered, with one user offering to edit your ex out of pictures for a price.

This clever businesswoman originally advertised the service for $10, but her tweet went viral and within a few days, demand was so high that she had to bump her prices up to $15. People in the replies are thanking her for working her magic, which she says she does on her phone, taking that person they’d rather forget out of the picture and creating the illusion that they’re confidently posing solo at the beach or in a photo booth.

This Twitter user will edit your ex out of pics

Image credits: hexappeaI

Image credits: hexappeaI

People are impressed with her work

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But others have stepped in to show off their skills as well

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Some people in the replies think they can capitalize on her business model, though, offering to do the deed for less or suggesting apps that can be used to reproduce the feat. In all seriousness, it can probably be done with any photo editing app with a clone stamp tool (that is, a tool that copies a piece of the background and repeats it,) although how believable the final result is depends on how much background you have available to work with in the original picture, and how much detail you’re willing to put in to avoid repeating large or noticeable patterns.

Even if someone notices there’s something off about the background of your pic, though, most people would just have to give you an A for audacity. So go ahead, get your chump of an ex savagely wiped out of your old pics and own it. Science hasn’t figured out how to do it to your memories in real life yet, after all.

People loved the first pic’s edit

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Others spotted something she missed

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In the end, she got so many requests, she just had to raise her prices

Image credits: hexappeaI