My name is Abdulaziz Damlakhi, I am a self-taught artist and I’m 20 years old from Syria. I’ve started drawing since I was 5 years but in the last 3 years my drawing skills improved to very high level of realistic way in drawing portraits, things and animals by using charcoal, graphite and colored pencils.

Also I used oil painting in some of them.

More info: Facebook

“Prettiness and veil” using black colored pencils and some layer of graphite pencils

“Lightness between the gaps” using the charcoal and white pastel pencils

“The unknown passion” graphite and charcoal on canson around 10 hours

“Hope and patience” using charcoal, 3 hours of drawing

“The significant mind” using charcoal, 13 hours of drawing

“Smile is enough” unknown old man using charcoal pencil with a lot of a good time

“The stranger” using charcoal and blue pastel it took about 20 hours

“A furious creature” using charcoal, 15 hours of drawing

“Realistic scene” and here is a comparing between the original photo on the left and my drawing on the right side

“The horse power” using the colored pencils

“Taste and live” using the oil painting, it took around 50 hours

“A small fashionista girl” drawing on my sketch book using the pencils in the picture

“Leonardo DiCaprio”, also drawing on my sketch book using the pencils in the picture

“Oriental girl” using colored pencils, around 15 hours of drawing

“Mr frog” using oil painting, 25 hours of drawing

“Steve Jobs” using salt

“Marilyn Monroe” using coffee

“Che Guevara” using strawberry jam