No matter how good at history you are, there will still be a hidden side of it you just never knew. It is really hard to uncover the real truth of the past, however there are some really talented guys who can do it.

Meet Agan Hararap – a talented photographer and graphic designer from Jacarta, Indonesia.  He began his career as an illustrator and digital imaging artist After graduating, he tried his luck in various workplaces trying to find his vocation, but ended up working as a photographer for Trax Magazine (Indonesian based music magazine). Besides contributing to a number of magazines in Jak

We proudly present Agans’s project “Super Heroes”! Scroll down the list and find out who was actually behind all what happened in the 20th century. You may never see history the same way again! (Agan’s Flickr: here)

arta he also managed to uncover the real heroes of the 20th century.

Cherbourg-Normandy (1944)

Greenham Airfield (June 5, 1944)

Yalta Conference (February, 1945)

Neuschwanstein (1945)

Afghan (1986)

Curtis Bay (1943)

MATS Terminal Washington (1959)

Captivity of German Soldiers (April 25, 1945)

Taret de Ravenoville (June, 1944)

External post defense on the hotel roof (Moscow, 1941)

A Camp Near Minsk (1941)

Japan (November, 1928)

Saigon (1968)