Chapy, a japanese bobtail cat, recently took part in the 28th and 29th International Cat Show by FIFE that took place in Greece. It was the first cat show for the beautiful blue-eyed cat that is only one year old. However, Chapy managed to win two trophies during the show as Best Cat In Show for the the first and the second day.

Chapy has thousands of fans on his social media such as Facebook and Twitter but this was the first time he appeared on TV. Here are some photos from the show and how Chapy managed to charm the crowd and the judges!

More info:

Getting ready!

First judge gets the Chapy paw

Chapy with his steward

First nomination

Winning the first trophy – RAWR

Appearing on TV for the first time!

Resting before the second part

Inspecting the merch

Mascot vs. Chapy

Chapy and his mom

Winner of two trophies

With the hosts

Resting as a winner

Back home for the well deserved rest!

Chapy wit his proud mom

Tasting the trophy!