My name’s Choots, and I’ve been painting large scale murals for the last three years on the streets of London, New York, Sydney and more. I’m doing it for bars, hotels, restaurants, events, brands, etc..

I focus on bright, colourful, character-based artwork, mixing a random doodle style with balanced compositions. This year I plan to juggle commissions with more fine art prints, original canvas work, along with T-shirts, designer toys, pins and much more.

More info: | Instagram

Old St, London, 10 x 24 ft

Collab with Ten Hundred, Shoreditch, London

Project Zero, Ocean conservation mural, Carnaby St, London

Dribble Ltd edition Giclee print

Floral Giclee print, A2

Redchurch St, London, 16 x 8 ft

Kraken mural, London 7 x 19 ft

Mayan / London inspired commission for vodka brand

Skate deck commission

Old St, London 10 x 24 ft

Private Party commission. 35 UV Neon painted panels

Ltd edition designer toy