Hi, I’m photographer from Kyiv, Ukraine. First time I visited Pripyat abandoned town with big group and spent only one day there. I was mesmerized by its beauty and wish to come back there alone. I found the way how to manage it and decided to shoot different, interesting photographs. In several trips I spent 20 days shooting photographs for multirow panoramas. You can see several of my works here. You can see more panoramas from Pripyat on my site.

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Thank you!

More info: pripyat-panorama.com

Misty Pripyat 1

Pripyat. Girl on 10-th Floor

Pripyat Ferris Wheel 1

Lonely phone booth in Pripyat town

Pripyat Post office 1

Pripyat Center 2

Pripyat English Class 1

Pripyat Jupiter Factory 1

Pripyat Energetic’s Foyer 1

Pripyat Hospital Hall 1