Depending on when they are born, premature babies can face difficult uphill battles. As Quebec-based photographer Red Methot shows in his Les Premas photo series, premature babies often do overcome their many challenges and persevere!

The photo series has people of widely varying ages pose with photos of themselves as premature babies. In most, the trappings of the hospital ICU are still present. Premature babies can be born with under-developed organs, and are usually held in the ICU until their organs have developed fully.

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Felix, born at 24 weeks

Margot, born at 29 weeks

Noah and Nathan, born at 32 weeks

Thomas, born at 23 weeks

Noah, born at 32 weeks. His twin sister Victoria, left in the framed picture, died after living 1 month

Julie, born at 7 months of pregnancy, and her son Kevin, born at 34 weeks

Zachary, born at 27 weeks

Eva, born at 29 weeks

Charles, born at 26 weeks

Tamica, born at 32 weeks (and 26 weeks pregnant at the time of the photo)

Alice, born at 27 weeks

Theo, born at 25 weeks

Emile, born at 26 weeks

Felix, born at 23 weeks, and his brother Alexis, born at almost 33 weeks

Lexiani, born at 25 weeks