It’s not a secret that social media creates unrealistic standards and expectations for everyone, new mothers included. One day Kathy DiVincenzo, a young mom of two, grew tired of seeing picture perfect moms on Facebook and, together with her friend and photographer Danielle Fantis, decided to show another, not as beautiful, but extremely possible side of motherhood.

Kathy suffers from postpartum depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. DiVincenzo knew she wasn’t alone in battling this condition, so she shared her story on Facebook to help spread awareness on postpartum depression.

Kathy and Danielle worked together on a photo shoot to show women what living with postpartum depression looks like. Striking images show how different days with postpartum depression can be – one moment you’re happy and full of confidence and the next you feel helpless and without the strength to leave your bed.

Kathy’s inspirational post, that you can see below, was shared over 70k times and its strong message was heard by (and hopefully helped) many. “Let’s show others that they don’t have to suffer in silence.”

More info: Kathy’s Facebook | Photographer’s Facebook