Meet Rhiannon: a self-taught chef from Australia, whose cross-sectional photos of cool cakes have gone viral on the Internet within a couple of weeks. A 25-year-old Zoology graduate from Australia bakes beautiful cakes that are scientifically accurate and portray all the layers within the solar system planets. In her recipes, layer cake becomes Jupiter’s theoretical rock/ice core, almond butter serves as the liquid metallic hydrogen, and colored vanilla is used to imitate the liquid molecular hydrogen.

Besides the layers that you find as you cut the solar system cake, the decoration of the outer layer deserves separate praise words. Both planets are drawn with powder, liquid, gel paste and great attention to detail, staying true to the contours of the continents of the Earth and capturing swirls on Jupiter. Because of all the questions about dessert design that Rhiannon received to her mailbox, the young baker even shot a video tutorial of how the cakes are made.


Structural Layer Cake Tutorial