I encountered scarecrows for the first time after I started photography when my mother passed away and I lost my home. I got fed up with my everyday life and left my hometown, where I was born and grew up. But I didn’t or couldn’t do anything, so I spent everyday agonizing about my future.

One day I got lost in a strange village deep in the mountains, where I found more scarecrows than villagers. The scarecrows were spread around in the village as if they were mingling in this scenery, such as beautiful mountains, clear creeks, paddles, and old houses. Upon taking a closer look, I also found a scarecrow standing in its two legs, just like the one we see in The Wizard of Oz. Its hight and gestures looked the same as human beings, and it also had an expressive face. Gradually I heard scarecrows chatting from everywhere, and it became much more fun; as if I was into this story of scarecrows. My depressed heart was leaping for joy, and I found myself engaging in taking photos altogether.

Many people often ask me, “Why scarecrows?”. Sadly I don’t have any logical answers for this question; it’s hard to express this feeling in words. Personally spending time with scarecrows is a pleasant moment which makes me be who I am naturally; it’s like I’m talking about silly stuff to my best friends. I temporarily stayed away from the cold world of humans and logged into the world of scarecrows; taking photos of me and scarecrows, I could confirm my presence in the world, which gave me a little confident about myself.

I’ll keep on enjoying myself, facing such complicating personality and emotions. Hopefully, you’ll also enjoy the world of me and scarecrows at least for a short period of time without thinking too deeply, just like we say, “Que Sera, Sera.”

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Oh! The tea stalk is standing up!

Come on dad, would you like a drink?

Shhh! A dragon fly is there

Hello, the weather is so nice today! It’s a good day to take a walk and dry plums under the sun

I’ve been putting on weight recently. I cannot lose weight at all. I know. The food in the fall is great

Grandma, is the bus coming? It’s coming soon

Look, the bus is coming! It’s very late

Oops, you caught me!


Today is parents day at school