It has been 4 years since I bought my first camera and I found my passion, landscape photography. As a landscape photographer ,since a started I had one dream. Travel to Iceland. The reason is obvious. Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. So I decided this year to travel there alone for one week and complete my photography project: Alone in Iceland. I went on April and the reason was because during April there are not so many tourist as in summer months, its not so cold as in winter and also for the weather. It can rain, it can snow, it can be cloudy, it can be sunny and there are still dark nights and with some luck I could manage to see the amazing Northern lights ( which I did see ) . So on 1st April I went to Iceland. I rented one SUV and had booked different hostels around the Western Region, Southern Region and Eastern Region. I had only one week and many places to see and photograph and that meant that I had to drive A LOT. I spent around 20 hours only driving in this week. I drove through snowstorms, sandstorms, icy roads , rain , wind and pretty much any weather conditions you can imagine. Sometimes it was scary but I for me this is also included during an adventure! I managed to get pretty much to all places I had planned. Everyday I went to sleep around 00:00am and woke up around 5am for shooting the sunrise. Only my last day I didnt woke up. I was really tired. Iceland has become such a popular tourist destination which means during the day there are everywhere. So best hours for shooting are during sunsets and especially during sunrises. Also I was lucky to see the northern lights 2 days before flying back to Finland. I had to wait around 4 hours outside but is was worth it! I had some really amazing northern lights for around one hour and got some awesome shots. During my 1 week trip I managed also to break 3 ND filters for my camera. It was sad but at least it happened during the last days of my trip. One week in Iceland is not enough. There are so many places there that it would take years to explore everything. Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY! Here are some pictures I captured during my trip.

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