My name is Douglas Munson and I’ve been a painter for most of my life. I’ve taught myself the basic techniques and have created many many paintings and drawings and countless pieces of art that have left me feeling unfulfilled.

10 years ago I picked up a small point and shoot camera and started teaching myself photography. Over the years, my camera got better, my skills improved and I began taking what I knew about painting and tried applying it to my photography. This is where I stand today, proudly able to call myself a photographer and a photo manipulator.

My work is not just manipulation though. I enjoy taking simple shots on the street, people, places and things. I try to convey a sense of emotion in what I shoot, be it something manipulated or not. I’d like my photos to hopefully act as if they are part of a story. I continue to learn and love getting inspiration from fellow artists out in the world. I hope you enjoy what I’ve posted.

More info:

When the smoke clears

Disappear into darkness


Fading away

A twinkle in her eyes

Full of thought

Bird brain

Show your pride


And she pushed them towards the sky…

Explode from the inside out