Most people have probably purchased something they certainly didn’t intend to while being royally drunk at least once. A crazy expensive Balenciaga bag you definitely cannot afford? Yes. Some ridiculous master class you would’ve never ever purchased sober? Sold. An Apple pen? Sure, why not. An abandoned house that you can reach only by going 5 miles on foot? Yes, please. And all the while, it’s definitely not necessary to go so overboard, the point remains that most drunken purchases are something unnecessary and most of the time batshit crazy. But this young man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, really thought out of the box with this one. Turns out, he got so drunk on New Year’s Eve, he drunkenly adopted a baby kangaroo and only realized it months after.

Peyton Haag made the most wholesome drunk decision ever – he adopted a kangaroo

Even though Peyton adopted Poppy on New Year’s Eve, he was oblivious to the fact up until few months into 2020. “Every week since 2 January, I was having $5 automatically deducted from my checking account. This was also around the same time I had renewed a bunch of services I normally use that require monthly payments (Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, etc) so I really didn’t think too much of it for a while as I thought it was just some fee or tax or something.”

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The catch is, he only understood it months later after multiple $5 donations

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But after doing some digging and connecting the dots with the note he had put in his phone on the big night, he found out he’d adopted a baby kangaroo. “This was until a few days ago when I noticed that it was happening weekly instead of monthly which is not normal at all for subscription services so I tried looking into it and found that it was a wildlife and environmental group.”

He then realized the place he adopted Poppy from uses most of his donations towards their website and not the actual kangaroo he adopted

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“After A TON of digging, I found a receipt in my student email that said ‘Thank you for your donation! Your sponsorship will go towards all kinds of animals in need, including this injured joey named Poppy.'”

After realizing his mistake, he still didn’t want to abandon the idea completely and therefore now sponsors two kangaroo joeys via another foundation

“I assume I was inspired to adopt a kangaroo that night as this was also around the time of the Australian wildfires were very bad and having studied abroad in Adelaide for five months, I am very attached to the country!”

He said his drunk decision was probably based on his fondness for Australia since he studied there for a year

Sadly, it turns out the organization he drunkenly chose wasn’t sending all his donations towards the animals. Therefore, he decided to stop his donations. But he didn’t have the heart to stop it completely, so now, he’ll be donating to another foundation where he’ll be sponsoring two different joeys.

“I assume I was inspired to adopt a kangaroo that night as this was also around the time when the Australian wildfires were very bad,” he said

If anyone feels like donating as well, after loads of research Peyton recommends donating to these organizations:

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