I made my first pet embroidery for my mom in 2018, shortly after our beloved family dog, Joey, passed away. At the time, it was just my way of processing the loss with art therapy.

In 2020, I started doing this at a more professional level and created these portraits for pet paw-rents! It makes my day when I hear back from clients who tell me I captured their furbabies perfectly.

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It is only fair that I post my first ever pet embroidery, from 2018! I made this shortly after our beloved Joey, a spoiled little pomeranian, went to doggie heaven

He was my first pet, adopted after lots of crying and convincing my parents (I think everyone knows how that story goes). Of course, Joey and my parents become inseparable, and a sibling rivalry ensues between the two of us.

In 2020, I started embroidering pet portraits at a more professional level