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#97 You Know You Are In Banff, When...

#1 A Flying Cat

A Flying Cat


emilykloos 3 years ago

Super kitty to the rescue !!! :)

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#2 L'instant - The Moment

L'instant - The Moment


Rebecca LaVigne 4 years ago

Perfect timing...

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#3 Who Scared The Cat?

Who Scared The Cat? Report

Lenore 4 years ago

Good shot!

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#4 Surface Tension

Surface Tension Report

AustinNguyen 3 years ago

Looks like the swimmer is stuffed in a sack kinda

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#5 Geisha



#6 I'm Driving East, Speeding Too Fast

I'm Driving East, Speeding Too Fast Report

AnitaAg 4 years ago


#7 Seconds Before Disaster

Seconds Before Disaster Report

LelaLaRoo 4 years ago

I'd love to see the photo right after this.... bet she was really pleased, not!

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#8 Mandog

Mandog Report

TC 9 months ago

So sweet...

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#9 This Monkey Is About To Smash The Car

This Monkey Is About To Smash The Car


MayankThakur 4 years ago

Giant monkey, rise planet of apes (and baboons)..

#10 In The Mirror

In The Mirror


Manda 4 years ago

It's a cool photo, but definitely staged.