Between 1928 and 1939, the Stalin Line was built all the way from the Black Sea to the Baltic. It was designed to protect the USSR against potential attacks from the West, and was made up of 7,000 bunkers.

Joseph Stalin would be turning in his grave to learn that a father and his son Alexander Metla, both from Belorussia and from military backgrounds, opened the Historical and Cultural Complex Stalin Line, just outside of Minsk. It was founded to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Soviet People’s Victory in the Great Patriotic War. And with the support of the President of Belarus, the Complex was unveiled on 30th June 2005.

It was conceived to not only continue the legacy of this fortification, which is one of the greatest defensive lines in Belarus, but to also bring to life the heroic fight between the Soviets and fascist German invaders. Now a museum, the Stalin Line showcases tanks, aircrafts, fortifications, cockpits and more. But, it also reconstructs the great battles that were fought and won by the Red Army.

On 18th November 2017, the Soviet troops’ counter-offensive at the Battle of Stalingrad was re-enacted in front of a huge audience. An epic moment in Soviet history, performed by amateur actors 75 years on. This battle, which still occupies a place in public memory, was dramatised by an enthusiastic group of volunteers. The cast worked to immortalise the values of patriotism, as well as this chapter in Belorussian history.

According to historic record, the battle started at 2pm under the code name of Operation Uranus. The military chronicler of the time recalls the courage, heroism and bravery of the soldiers on the battlefield and the strategic abilities of the Soviet generals. Alexander and his 70 employees have set all of this in motion, so that history can come to life at the Stalin Line.

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The madmen team

Alexander Metla (dark suit)manager of the «Stalin line» site poses with volunteers
from Minsk and the region. The battle is over, Red Army troops pose for victory.

The territory of the historic complex of the «Stalin Line»

The territory of the historic complex of the «Stalin Line» covers an area of about 30 hectares. While walking on the site, you cross armored, anti-tank obstacles rebuilt according to the plans of the time, shelters for the Soviet officers, bunkers, Mig planes …. It was here that Joseph Stalin built Stalin’s line which included 7000 bunkers.

Morning briefing

Alexander Metla has been in charge of
Stalin’s line for 10 years, taking over the
premises that his father inaugurated in
2005. This day of November, it is with
Vladimir (on horseback) that they talk
about the organization of the day.

Visit of the “Stalin line”

The tourists who come in number visit
the «Stalin line» before the big show.
Diana, an employee of the «Stalin Line»
explains to them the story of Stalin’s line.
She will organise a visit with a number of
strategic points built by the Soviet engineers from that time. Tourists come from the Baltic countries, Poland, Ukraine, Russia: but also from Iraq and China, indeed the Chinese and Iraqi communities
are very present in Bielorussia.

Tanks stock

In the warehouses of the «Stalin Line», are stored, repaired, stocked tanks and armored vehicles used for battles. It’s been 15 years since the Metla family recovers all miltary objects dating from the Soviet era. The last piece acquired is a Russian mig. President Loukachenko contributed to the development of the site with the help of the Beliorusse army. It is written on the panel: In the future of the
Independent Belarus.


The armored have their success with families, the site is only 20 km from Minsk. The patriotism of the Soviet era still affects a large number of Beliorussian families. Military education is very present from a young age.

Guns cleaning

Soldiers are getting ready in their own way, some remain in a group, others isolate themselves. The load carried by each soldier is identical at the time duing the war. The preparations are taken very seriously, everything must be ready before the time of the briefing.

The battle preparation

Soldiers are getting ready in their own way, some remain in a group, others isolate themselves. The load carried by each soldier is identical at the time duing the war. The preparations are taken very seriously, everything must be ready before the time of the briefing.

Bullets distribution

Briefing time

It’s time for the briefing for the Red Army,
despite the «game», the «soldiers» are asked to stay focused. «Volunteer soldiers» come mainly from Belarus, but also from the Baltic countries, Poland and from Russia. This day of November 18, Letonians and Russians have made the trip.

Public is waiting

The public is present and faithful to every
battle, between 8 and 12 battles are fought each year on the «Stalin line». Alexandre and his teams are planning to build a tank-shaped bar, spring 2018 delivery.

Battle start

The commander in chief

Yuri Perepechin (left top) is the commander-in-chief of the Red Army, his role will be to reassure
the soldiers and lead the fight. He is connected to several people of the site in order to deploy his troops
in the right timing and between two explosions. Yuri is an employee of the «Stalin Line» year-round.
He lives in the neighboring village, married with two children.

On another battle set, a German attack
makes the Soviet defense in a bad position

Some soldiers are bribed to be dead,
the role can start at the beginning of the
battle, or at the last minute.

The german resistance

Many German soldiers are «played» by real soldiers from the Belorussian army, their roles are to be in scenery at the back of the scenes.

The victory is announced,
in the Belorussian mist, the survivors
come out of the hills

Victory soon

The end of the battle is near,
despite the encirclement of the German army, more than 350,000 soldiers died in both camps. A Lithuanians fulfills perfectly his role of savior.

German capitulation

The German army sits, it is waiting for orders after capitulation. A cinematographic end is proposed to the public, songs to the glory
of the Red Army are widely diffused in the
speakers of the «Stalin Line».

The red flag

The red flag is floating again,
we celebrate the victory in an
atmosphere film.

German troops are arrested, the Red Army goes online for salvation. After 30 minutes of war minutely staged, the volunteers are tired and for some are still in their game emotions.