The new Paperwolf Project is an easy-to-do papercraft kit with three bear designs to make little cute bears (around 10-centimeter-tall each).

This project was created as a challenge, when some friends asked me to create a papercraft kit. They gave me two conditions:  the sculptures should be possible to build in 30 minutes and without any instructions nor even knowing, what it was that you were putting together. And it was possible indeed!

Now, of course, the kit has a detailed instruction manual for the 3 bears, so no blind-puzzle here.

This papercraft kit comes as instant download pdf. The package also includes the vector files (dxf), just in case you have a cutting plotter or laser plotter.

More info: Etsy

Happy Bear Family

Color Variations

You can print the pattern on colored paper.

Bear Cub on Bald Head

Print Pattern and Instructions

I always try to make best possible instructions for my customers. With every feedback I’m able to improve it for better understanding.