Hello, I'm Kanat Nurtazin and I'm a self-taught artist from Kazakhstan. I have no background in arts and I started drawing as a hobby in 2013 and learned everything by myself. I was interested in mixed-media arts and one of my favorite methods of creating artwork is cutting real tree leaves. I work as a senior manager at Nazarbayev University administering entrance exams and monitoring the marketing campaign of the Center for Preparatory Studies (division of the university). My hobby helps me to think creatively and out of the box in any area I'm involved in. But mostly I prefer to consider my hobby a space where I can be myself and express myself through my art. And it also saves me from burnout.

I really love to travel, explore new cultures and discover new places. But more than traveling, I love art. So whenever and wherever I go art helps me to capture and memorialize traveling moments.

Here are my works that I made during my visit to India. Hope you will enjoy them!

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I like to visit picturesque countries that have a rich culture and interesting history so that it will inspire me to create new artworks. In the future, I would like to visit Japan, Australia and Brazil. I also like Greece, but new places are always great to visit, learn and experience something new. So far I have visited 8 countries and plan to visit as many as possible!


Astana Vs Goa: When Winter Meets Summer

Astana Vs Goa: When Winter Meets Summer Shares stats


The first time I tried the paper/leaf cutting technique was in 2013 as a part of my own art project called 100 methods of drawing. I use different techniques and materials to create drawings. Since the beginning I have already tried over 70 methods including food art, pointillism, gypsum, pencil carving; I used nails, threads, jam, fluorescent tape.

I consider paper/leaf cutting my hobby and not the main source of income (I work as a senior manager at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan). I think I am not ready yet to transform my art into a pure monetary source. On the other hand, I do plan to open my online shop and sell some of my art pieces. 


I really like animations and I like to play with the background, putting famous characters into it. It is not just a normal photo, it helps me to memorialize the moment and trip itself.

As I mentioned, I like to learn the history and culture of the visited country. So basically, when I travel, I try to share this new knowledge with my followers on Instagram. Additionally, any major events, new music, and movies can be a source of inspiration. I like Banksy, his art is just mind-blowing, he puts so much secret meaning into his art and pushes you to think and react. That's also what I'm aiming for with my art. Paperboy is a second artist whose artwork inspires me as well.

As was said before, I'm a fan of traveling. Besides the trip to India, I really liked my journey to Spain and UK. My vacation to Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) was memorable because it was my honeymoon and of course it is a great place for a football fan (just like me). There are a lot of beautiful places in Spain.


My trip to the UK (London) was also amazing. I had the chance to work with Disney UK and I was able to visit their office. Being a fan of Disney movies, it is just an unforgettable experience. And of course, the UK also has picturesque places to visit.