This is my interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in wonderland. I combined two things I love, typography and a story from my childhood. A for paper Alice combines the major characters of the story, including Cheshire cat, the white rabbit and Alice falling through the rabbit hole.

Every detail in the images are built of carefully hand-cut, folded and glued paper. It took me 10 days to complete all the characters and the tiny details shaping the letter, including some short stop motion animations.

When I started this project the first step was to make a rough sketch about the letter A. Once I had an image formed in my mind that I was satisfied with, I started the fun part, shaping flat sheets of paper to form the characters. I usually prefer those ideas that have some twist in them, the ones that catch your attention from far, draws you in, then offers more details when you get close. At the end I just keep cutting, glueing and layering until the image matches what I have in mind.

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A for Alice

Cheshire cat

Down the rabbit hole

Tea party

Handy mushrooms

Crooked door

Hookah-smoking caterpillar

Pocket watch

Watch my hat

Painting white roses red

The Queen of Hearts’ cards

Mini shoes for Alice

The white rabbit

Perfume bottle