My name is Jo Chorny also known as peaceofpaper1, and I create art by cutting paper with a scalpel.

My favourite way of photographing my papercuts is to hold them against the sky; I love the dramatic effect this gives, and the variation of colours and textures in the sky as a backdrop. Plus this way you can see my intricate cutting more clearly.

I also like the shadows that my pieces cast. I normally set them in a box frame, so the shadow appears on the back giving the papercut a great 3-D effect.

More info: Instagram

Papercut barn owl

Bird paperart

Papercut quill


A deer

Elephant love

Nicobar pigeon

Papercut crab with sun, stars, moon, earth & ocean

Angel wings for an earth angel

Lion leaf

The Juniper Tree – Grim brothers

Nature is in our hands

A Chicken

Save the Rhino

Spirit of an Eagle