The myriad forms and infinite textures seen in the animal kingdom hold my attention and encourage further exploration. This is why I indulge in the creation of my paper sculptures.

Utilising the traditional paper mache technique, these sculptures are made from discarded newspapers and finished with pages from pre-loved books. This imparts them a very light environmental footprint and a very dreamy character. It is as if the words in the book somehow decided to spell it out visually. The inherent black and white ensures no distraction from form/texture, adding an element of light-heartedness and whimsy.

Texture and form have the ability to visually stimulate different tactile memories in different individuals. I am an avid reader and an obsessive recycler. It gives me great joy to patiently layer strips upon strips and think about how texture may be added to the piece to make it playful and invoke a sense of childhood nostalgia.

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Black sheep

Pangolin: The anteater

Prof. Octacles

Pte. Nelson

Work in progress for ‘Look Who’s Here’

‘Look Who’s Here’ at Sculpture by the sea, Bondi, 2014