Hi BP! Since the last time I posted, I’ve been learning by making as much as possible. I’ve spent hundreds of hours working between computer 3D models and folding paper.

I’ve figured out what things translate really well from the computer screen to real life (and conversely what doesn’t). I wrote out personalities for each of them since I think they have enough personality that when you create one for your home, it’s like getting a new roommate. Here are all the new things I’ve created!

More info: residentdesign.co

Claire The Panda

Meet Claire – she likes MMA, cocktail parties, and trading stock options.

Vera The Unicorn

Meet Vera – she likes wakeboarding, massages, and dark chocolate.

Jasper The Dragon

Meet Jasper – he likes tattoos, cycling, and cold brew coffee.

Louise The Giraffe

Meet Louise – she likes boxing, gummy bears, and her backyard.

Clark The Triceratops

Meet Clark – he likes League of Legends, Mountain Dew, and skate boarding.

Barry The Lion

Meet Barry – he likes power suits, Hello Kitty, and scotch.