Figure & Land. New work by Bryce Brown

The story behind the work, county and urban.

During my lifetime I’ve had a mix of rural and urban living and always seem to end up back in the country, but not too far from the city! I’ve been blessed to have parents who’ve often had a few acres, renovating and selling – moving to another slice of paradise in a rural setting.

Over the years I have travelled, had a family of my own, gone through challenges and changes in life and the familiarity and comfort of the country and the welcoming arms of family has drawn me back. 

This peace, room to breathe, the simple life with some symbolic elements woven through has set the theme for this new work. With all the newness we have in modern life, technology increasing at such an incredible rate we can’t keep up, it’s nice just to bring it back to simplicity. Fresh cut flowers, the scent of linen on the line in the summer breeze, lush green crops against bright volcanic earth, a basket of apples or someone reading a book – made of paper!

I recently read an old Russian saying, “Everything new is a well-forgotten old.” I think this is so true! Through all the advancements we make we are still basically doing the same things, in different ways. History repeating. 

Something I love about painting is its traditions. It goes back tens of thousands of years! Taking pigment in a binder and applying it to a surface to somehow express one’s self or to capture a moment. It’s so simple.

I hope you enjoy these simple moments I have captured as much as I have enjoyed painting them. 

More info:

Bryce Brown painting in his studio, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Field of Greens by Bryce Brown 30″ x 40″

Whitebaiting by Bryce Brown 24″ x 28″

Washing Line by Bryce Brown 40″ x 30″

Gathering Toheroa by Bryce Brown 30″ x 40″

Figure & Land | Exhibition of new work by Bryce Brown.