Jacqueline Poirier aka (The Crazy Plate Lady), is the Resident Artist at The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto. As mentioned on the title, she paints on plates and her subject matter include: Abstract, Portraits, Canada, Animals and Food. I have chosen to feature a mixture of all of these subjects, in today’s post. Poirier has painted 1500 plates to date, as you can imagine, I have shown just a small selection below, have a look at the end of the post, there is a big group of plates, enlarge it to see it better.

More info: designstack.co



Donut or Doughnut.

Blackcurrant Pie.


Ice Cream Cone.

Cheese Toastie.

Glass of Red Wine.

Steak Dinner.

George Costanza, from TV Show Seinfeld.

Spring time.

Group Photo.