Of course, I could easily find one on Ebay or Etsy and simply stick it on the wall, but… It’s for my nephew and I want it to give him something more personal!

So I took my brush and did my best.

More info: elisagb.com

I start with a pencil for the outline and use the same paint color for the map as the 3 others walls and the ceiling

I can tell on this picture that I will need more than one layer

So many little islands in the Northwest territories

Details and the 2nd layer

I use google images to draw animals in pencil

Color time!

I put the most possible details without losing the cartoon/baby ideas

Using only two colors wasn’t enough, I put some shadow and light

I hope baby won’t be too afraid

I just love the water effect on this one


America, with the Google Map and ¨Rose des vents¨



There you go, nephew!

Final result, hope you like it!