Have you ever gotten nauseous looking at all those photos of newborn babies? You know when parents and photographers make fun of pure little things by torturing them into weird poses during sleep.

Or make them ridiculous dressing them up in animal fur.
Or make them ridiculous putting them into creepy cradles.
Or make them ridiculous with inappropriate props like… a jar or a pot.
Or make them ridiculous pumping up their butts to the ceiling like a volcano.
Or make them ridiculous…

My name is Melinda Egyed, I am a Hungarian photographer and with my partner-in-crime we got totally fed up with this kind of newborn photos. We had a hard time thinking of how to greet our good friend as she had recently given birth to a baby. After hours of hard work and brainstorming (i.e. rolling on the floor laughing like schoolgirls), in response to all the embarrassing newborn pictures we came up with the idea of an unorthodox photo session. Starring… a monkey toy!

We built up a studio (i.e. cleaned a room… or tried at least), adjusted the lights (let the sunshine in), gathered the best props (all the rubbish we found in the house) and finally got the newborn prepared (i.e. kept telling the monkey everything will be all right). You just can not imagine how bloody hard it is to make a monkey toy overcome his stage fright. And the result…?! We now show up a couple of the pics and disclaim all responsibility.

(Monkey toy: Maximillian Monkey by Jellycat)

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