Recently, I saw amazing sculptures of a few therapy dogs in ‘Paws for People’ Facebook page. ‘Paws for People’ is a group in which we volunteer together with our dogs. I contacted the sculptor and asked him to make two sculptures of our dogs – Rookie and Holly. I was not aware that my wife had also contacted him and asked him to make a sculpture of our dog Holly for me!

Tonight while opening presents, my wife asked me to open mine. I recognized the type of a box because it was the same one as my Rookie and Holly came in. I opened it up and was extremely confused because when I picked mine up the sculptor asked me not to open it as it had a surprise inside. There was Holly in clay. I had 2 more boxes with Rookie and Holly in them. I got pretty upset when I realized I had 2 Holly sculptures. However, I found the attached letter from the sculptor and he didn’t spoil the surprise to either one of us and his explanation settled well for both of us.

More info: Facebook

Holly the Sheepdog

Holly as a therapy dog and the Superdog!


Rookie in clay

Rookie and Holly, therapy dogs for Paws for People

Holly, the Superdog

Holly has 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye

This explains Holly’s glasses

Holly and Rookie therapy dogs and Holly, the Superdog!!

This is the letter which we received from the sculptor

Holly’s photoshoot

Holly brings love to the staff at a local hospital

On our way to give some much needed therapy

Holly and Rookie at the University of Delaware for some de-stress work