This is our almost 2 year old hamster, Bear. My son and I have always loved how fun it’s been looking back at all the cute pictures of him and decided to start a photo collection before he passes and have accumulated quite a few and always adding more.

Obviously he loves getting his picture taken and is quite the photogenic little guy. It also helps that he and our cat Chloe became fast buddies, as it has given us some adorable photo ops. One of his favorite things to do is snuggle up on our shoulders or chest and sleep. He is unique and extremely tame, even accompanying us on our walks around the neighborhood.

Bear’s all time favorite hobby is stealing food and stuffing those cheeks with his favorite treats, like cilantro, peanut butter and oats. Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we do :)

Sweet moment between friends

Flower sombrero (my all time favorite pic)

Bear and Chloe enjoying a nap

Looking fierce in white

Just 2 buddies looking cute

Eskimo kisses

Oops, caught in the act…

Being silly, as usual

Peekaboo :P