Pet? No.

Male? No.

Female? Yes.

Brunette? Yes.

Does she wear glasses? Yes.

Does she make the best cheesecake in the world? Yes.

Is it Grandma Clark? YES

“WHO DIS?” is a custom-made, two-player guessing game. The players take turns asking yes-no questions to find out the opponent’s hidden character.

Is it Grandma? Is it your pet parrot? Is it that guy from high school you had a crush on? Is it the superhero you love? Is it your favorite video game character? Is it your old boss from the office?

Of course, I started with people I know. They loved it, so I decided to sell personalized guessing games online.

It can be anything because you decide the theme of your own WHO DIS?, I just make it for you. It can be family, friends, old classmates, famous people or your kid’s favorite toys.

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