Think the Cold War is over? Think again! Take a look at these ice-cold death stares that Obama and Putin exchanged at the G20 Summit in China recently to see what we mean.

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The tense moment was captured by photographer Alexei Druzhinin, and it didn't take long for Reddit's famous Photoshop battlers to heed the call to war the moment the picture hit the internet. And as you can see, they didn't disappoint. Check out some of our favorites below and feel free to add your own. Don't forget to vote for the best!


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#4 What Will They Say?

What Will They Say?

CatbirdOnAStick Report

Kjorn 1 year ago

is this an A-Bomb behind or the sun... hard to tell

#5 Magic Duel

Magic Duel

Felipecab Report

Sarah Hamdan 1 year ago

So Putin is Draco Malfoy?Nice

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MaeVentisca Report

Sarah Hamdan 1 year ago

"Love is in the air"

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#8 Dawn Of Death Stare

Dawn Of Death Stare


UwaYS Minty 1 year ago

Nah obama is batman

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#9 Beware Of Luigi's Death Stare....

Beware Of Luigi's Death Stare....


creamegg 1 year ago

no i a repaired ze pipeline !

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