My name is Daniel Sasse, the owner of Poseidon Dive Center Ao Nang Thailand and an award-winning underwater photo and videographer. I have 25 years of experience in scuba diving, teaching and photographing wildlife. Protecting our oceans must be our priority since every second breath we take is produced by our oceans.

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Coryphellina rubrolineata

Nudibranchs are a widespread group of marine Gastropod mollusks. The name means ‘naked gills’. They are mostly very small on average 20-30mm (0.7874-1.1811 inches) in length. They don’t have shells and uncoiled Gastropods, famous for their brilliant colors. There are more than 3000 known species. Nudibranchs are one of the groups which are informally known as sea slugs.

Phidiana militaris

Easy ways to protect our Oceans

1. Buy fish once a week (not 5 times);

2. Eat fish from sustainable resources know where and how it has been caught;

3. Lower your own standards and carbon footprint;

4. Turn off the water while soaping under the shower;

Hypselodoris pulchella

5. Turn off the lights that are not needed;

6. Leave your car at home and take a walk or go by bicycle;

7. Do not throw your rubbish overboard or on the side of the street eventually, it’ll end up in our oceans;

8. If you have to use plastic, use reusable plastic containers;

Doriprismatica atromarginata

9. Bring your own bag to the market;

10. Don’t eat shark fin soup.

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Goniobranchus geminus