Novi loves Main St in Seal Beach, California. He can tell you they have the best dog treats (and ice cream and coffee) in Southern California. Stop by and say Hi to Novi if you see him.

One of the last true California beach Main streets left with real California friendly people and businesses (even has free parking on Main St.). Dog friendly and family friendly.

Checkout just a few of Novi’s favorite places (and the best dog treats around).

More info:

Starting with Novi’s favorite place to stop by and say hi and get a treat. He jumps for you when she comes out and say Hi.

Novi grew up hearing Rufus incredible music and always has to stop and say hi. Really one of the best talents around.

Novi’s all time favorite place for a sit down breakfast, lunch or dinner is Hennesseys. He likes to grab a menu to go and they are ok with that. :)

Petals and POP is one of the most dog friendly shops and Novi always stops and smells the roses :).

Novi loves when they fly his flag.

Temecula Olive Oil Company has been watching Novi grow up since the beginning. Always happy to go in and get a treat, ear rubs, fresh water and of course olive oil for cooking his favorite turkey burgers.

Novi just loves saying Hi to everyone and this is one of his best friends Uday an incredibly talented jeweler.

Ice cream is one of Novis favorites and this is his absolute favorite.

Novi likes to place his own order at Pierside Press.

Novi just loves the people here. They have the biggest and best dog treats.

Novis alter ego is batman and he really wants a Seal Beach Police Batmobile.

Novi’s favorite New York Pizza.

Novi grew up with 40+ kids so he always makes a stop here.

Novi likes to stop by and see his friends having dinner.

Another of Novis favorites :)

Another great place to catch up with friends and get a delicious treat.

Novi approved Hennessey! He likes to stop and say hi to the folks dining here if there up for it.

Novi has been known to stop and let the people give him and ear rub out the window.

You can catch Novi hanging out at Walt’s Wharf on the weekends listening to the music.

Yeap another great place for dog treats and Stitch & Feather just love saying hi. Super great dog friendly people.

The Hangout is a favorite place for Novi to hangout. He knows he will always catch a few people to give him a belly rub.

Novi approved!

Novi will stop and wait for someone to come out of Clancy’s and play. They have been doing that since he was just a puppy.

Novi still looking for his flag :)

Seal Beach Main St in California just like it use to be and the way Novi likes it.