The Pew Center survey showed that nearly 4 in 10 LGBT adults in the US have been rejected by family and friends because of their sexual orientation. No wonder so many people feel scared to come out to their parents.

But 21-year-old João Neto from Cuiabá, Brazil was brave enough to take this hard step. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well. João tweeted that after his dad stopped supporting him financially, he had to find a way to make a living. That’s why João learned to draw and found a new passion in art. Let’s take a look at the work of this inspiring young man down below and don’t forget to show him your support!

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Image credits: barbiedopedra90

Image credits: barbiedopedra90

João was over the moon upon finding that so many people support him

Image credits: barbiedopedra90

Image credits: barbiedopedra90

Views on homosexuality have shifted over time, but the process is still ongoing. In 1985, a Los Angeles survey showed that 89% of American adults would be upset if their child came out as LGBT, and only 9% said they’d be okay with it. A survey by Pew Research showed that 57% of parents would not be upset if their child come out as gay or lesbian. The same survey showed that gay adults are more likely to share this info with their moms (70% of gay men, 67% of lesbians) than with dads (53% gay men, 45% lesbians). Read more about coming out experiences in LGBT voices right here.

People praised João for his talent and courage

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