I wrote a children’s book about a polar bear named Nora who was born in an Ohio zoo and lives in another zoo in Oregon. I covered a series of misadventures in her early life in a set of watercolors. Now available as a kindle book named “The Adventures of Nora the Polar Bear” online.

More info: amazon.com

Baby Nora born and being tended to by a zookeeper

Zookeeper cradling Nora in her arms

Nora sleeping with her stuffed polar bear

Nora rolling around on a mat, looking around for toys to play with

Nora coming out into the open

Nora liking it out in the sunlight!

Nora finds a toy in a traffic cone and starts playing with it

Nora explores the traffic cone openings and tries to peer and play with it

Nora pushes her head into the wide cone

Nora’s head is stuck in the cone. Uh-oh

Nora gets out of the cone and retreats to her pond

Nora loves it by the pond – she loves to swim

Nora also likes to play with water wherever she can find it

One day a zookeeper brings in snow for her

She loves to dance and shimmy in it

And dig deep into it

Still dancing on the snow

She treats the snow like it’s just water to her

Another one of Nora by the water

Nora experiences her first snow