I love arts and crafts, I used to paint, making stained glass, cross stitch, fresh and dried flowers arrangement and sewing. Needle felting is my recent passion, because I can create something magical from the fantasy world, and all those beautiful things out of imagination. They can be unreal or they may just look like the real thing.

Needle felting is a process which uses barbed needles to interlock wool fibres to form a more condensed material. To make a felted creation, it is a little like painting with a lot of layering and shading. I first find or take many pictures of what I want to make from all angles and then sculpt it out of unspun wool as I study the pictures. A special barbed needle is repeatedly pushed into a tuft of wool fibres, the barbs pull the fibres down, to compress and lock them together. This felting process makes a large tuft of wool condense down into a more dense mass of wool. Stabbing the wool more in one spot will depress that area creating a dent or depression in the sculpture. Each piece takes many hours to complete and thousands of stabs with the felting needle.

Doll house and antique furniture always amaze me, that’s why I create this antique style miniature furniture set. It is something that can be a great collection to keepsake and display in a shadow box or cube shelves. 9 pieces of furniture included a crystal chandelier which is using Swarovski crystals on this beautiful chandelier, Vintage fan, Grandfather clock, Blue armoire, Garden urn, Blue setee with 2 cushions, Armchair with cushion, Gramophone and Starry night painting. All pieces are needle felted with details, a lot of time to research, thoughts and efforts has gone into making these. It is truly a labour of love.

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