I created new felted animals after sharing some on my previous post in Bored Panda. My hand-crafted animals are realistic copies of pets.

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Dog And My Copy Of It

Ultra Realistic Golden Retriever Tyler Commission With Handmade FIMO Mouth

Lurcher Lucca And My Realistic Copy

This Alaskan Malamute

Dog’s own fur was felted into his tail, under belly, and neck.

Real Dogs With Their Copies

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Realistic Gunther Facing Final Inspection From Smonks Before Shipping

Little Poodle

It is special because for him I made my first collar and lead with some bling!

Border Collie

A Saluki Dog

Realistic Very Clever Border Collie Shebang Who Knew Many Tricks

Brown And White Husky

Little Corgi

Hyper Realistic Australian Shepherd Dog

Yorkshire Terrier

Fox In Our Yard

Australian Shepherd Dog