As a popular saying goes, a dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than it loves itself. And to some of us, it’s so much more true than others. Record-setting astronaut Christina Koch just returned to Earth after spending 328 days in space aboard the International Space Station. And while it will surely be challenging to accommodate to life on our planet after being in zero gravity for such a long time, she has her family and loved ones to help her. And her doggo, of course! Scroll down to watch their heartwarming reunion!

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Christina Koch just came back from space and it seems like her dog is the most excited about it

She posted the heartwarming video on Thursday, after she was reunited with her good girl

The doggo was clearly and utterly excited to have her back after 328 days that Koch spent in space

Koch has spent more consecutive days in space than any other woman

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It’s probably safe to say she’s enjoying Earth more than anyone else right now

Image credits: Astro_Christina

People loved her video

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