Taking photos of stunning rescue dogs every day to help them find homes. however sometimes these pics come out horribly wrong. this is my collection of Not Quite Right Album.

Merry F@*ing Christmas

a great Christmas advertising shot

The Break Dancer

Channeling Clark Gable

a special breed the retrievers

Majestic Australian cattle dog

you may have gotten away from me this time Boxer!


im smiling now take the bloody shot!

Mirror Image

Biggest looser

hes lost the weight but what to do with the excess skin?

last drinks

“Am i ever gonna see your face again?”

the way into Narnia

Judo Kick


Sit on my face

what could have been a sweet sleepy cuddly shot…………. instead it looks like iv interrupted something

rrrruuuuuvvvvv me!

this pics looks like a real life kids drawing of a dog

Cristmas anxed

spread the Christmas anger buddy, i understand

Pogo stick dog

time for dinner! every dog for themselves


Tomorrow night, we shall take over the world!!!

entrance to Narnia

contemplating a nose job

Sasquatch!!!!! right there in the bushes

just a 3 legged dog……….. what?

got my happy thought! just need some fairy dust

Dog puppet

Who farted?

Baby got back…..?


i don’t think legs are meant to look like that

the selfy

Ha babes msg me your numbers

twin dogs? photo shop? Time laps?

i caught u ocean mum

that leg… who’s is it?

glamour shot

justin Bieber

there one in every litter

extra leg…..?

Darrr im Toney Abbot

very good inpression

sexy face

…what is he biting to make him jump so high

R rated

its just a jump to the left….. and a willy to the right

break dancing

skill levle 100

photo bombing

skill levle 9

the Walce of silence


im a cute, adorable, handbag dog

fish dog

and dont call me shirly

swing dancers

i lick u?

i lick u, i lick butt, i lick poop, i lick balls then i lick u again

adorable gentle pups for adoption

demonic hell hounds

spead boat


the doctor siad scarves are kool

T Rex

Ghost dog

i see dead dogs

dog or crab claw

where did the ball go?

The Peter Garret

take a picture it will last longer


how not to get out of the bath

rrrrrgggggg i am a demond

tremble before me human

pit bull attack

the doctore said im special

just stood in dog poop

cant get my head on strait today

Garth Rocking out

wains world wains world exelent

when the dogs give you attitued

drop it like its hote

Marko! Pollo! Marko!

paranormal activity

the cartwheel

ok so theres a dog peeing on 2 leggs

…….. and the ghost dog n the background?

Snake from the simpsons got a puppy


requesting permission to land

lunch time

dog swallows dog